About the Developer

Kevin has been a part of the Georgia Tech community since he arrived on campus as a freshman student in the early nineties.  After sixteen years with the Office of Information Technology, supporting everything from computer labs to the Digital Media Repository to T-Square (and its predecessor, WebCT), Kevin migrated into the land of academia to get a fresh new look on college life as the Senior Web Developer for the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts.  As the college’s first dedicated Web Developer, he has been working to upgrade and standardize the many websites and web applications used by all of the schools and research centers within the college.  In his fleeting spare time, he also researches new web technologies and makes recommendations on ones that could be of benefit to the college.

While Kevin has PHP coding experience dating back to 2006, his web design experience actually goes all the way back to 1994, just a few years after the world wide web first came into existence in late 1991.  He’s come a long way from hand coding HTML to work with Netscape 1.0 and Mosaic, and hopes that his two-and-a-half decades of web experience will prove invaluable to the college, its faculty and staff.

Kevin wants to offer his special thanks to his Internet I professor, Dr. TyAnna Herrington, and his Advanced Technical Communications professor, Dr. Jay Bolter, whose courses helped him master skills that he has found indispensable throughout his career.

Kevin’s Web Design Portfolio