Online Accessibility Course


This short course is designed for faculty, staff, and student assistants to help you understand what accessibility is all about and why you should consider it to be an important part of your work here at Georgia Tech.  Our goal in this course is not to lecture you or overwhelm you with a lot of technical jargon and legal terms, but rather to make it easy for you to see why accessibility is so important and how it affects more people than you might think.  We will then explain the legal requirements in simple terms, and finally show you how to make accessibility a part of everything that you create.

Throughout this course, we'll refer to the term electronic materials.  This is meant to refer to any kind of document or media file created via any kind of electronic technology.  This includes but is not limited to:

  • Word processing documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, images, videos, audio clips, and multimedia presentations.
  • Content for classroom based teaching as well as non-teaching or administrative content (notices, contracts, program descriptions, etc.)
  • Any content distributed by Georgia Tech, even if on services not owned or controlled by Georgia Tech.  In particular, any Social Media posts must be accessibility compliant.

You can use the links in the navigation bar below to navigate through the lesson pages of this course, and on subsequent pages you will also find a Course Navigation menu to let you navigate to any specific section of the course.