Drupal 9 Developers Cookbook

A guide to all the stuff you want to know about Drupal 9 module / theme / profile development, but didn't know you needed to know.

This is not meant to be a full fledged tutorial to train you in building modules.  Rather, it is a quick reference "cookbook" targeted towards those of us who aren't completely immersed in Drupal development and need to look stuff on a regular basis.  It provides the "recipes" for proper module development, which you can then season to taste.

The cookbook is also not meant to be exhaustive - it's just meant to cover a lot of the most commonly used pieces and parts of Drupal module / theme / profile development.  For all the nuts and bolts of Drupal 9, see the Drupal 9 Documentation site and the Drupal API site.  (Keep scrolling down on the documentation site - there's a lot more useful stuff hidden below the large "Contributed Modules" section.

There is also a Drupal.org "Converting Drupal 7 Modules to Drupal 8" guide that could be useful to module builders as well.