Content Management System Options

If you are working with the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts and looking to build or rebuild a unit’s website, you should strongly consider Drupal for your content management system (CMS), as it will let you stay aligned with Georgia Tech and Ivan Allen College standards without having to reinvent the wheel – just use the official Georgia Tech Theme and all you have to do is fill in the blanks and create your content pages.

For more information on Drupal development, there is an active local development community which maintains a Drupal resource website and a Drupal mailing list.

College of Liberal Arts faculty who are interested in a personal academic website can get a WordPress-based personal website hosted on our Professional Web Presence service.  We also recommend WordPress as an alternative to Drupal for those units that may find Drupal to be too complicated for their needs.  While there is not an official Georgia Tech Theme for WordPress, we can provide you with a starter theme that was developed by the college's IT staff.

For websites not directly associated with a unit of the College of Liberal Arts (e.g. faculty and graduate student personal sites, research project sites, etc.), we recommend WordPress and particularly the Professional Web Presence service, but there are many other content management systems available today, ranging from free open source options to pricey commercial options.  Free options can give you more flexibility for less up-front cost, but commercial options often come with a support center that you can call / email / chat with when you run into problems.  Keep in mind that commercial options do have a monetary cost, and usually that is a yearly fee (not just a one-time purchase).  The content management systems listed below are for general reference only and are in no way endorsed by Georgia Tech or the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts.

Open Source Options:

Commercial Options: