Accessibility Rules of the Road

Now that you have an understanding of why we need accessible websites and electronic materials, how this ultimately helps everyone, and what the major principles of accessibility are, it's time to learn the rules of the road.  For that, we'll direct you to a reference that you can use over and over again: our Accessibility Primer.  This primer should only take you another ten to fifteen minutes to read, and is structured to make it easy to refer back to in the future when you need help.  It covers a large number of common issues, explains why they are problematic, and shows you how to easily correct them and avoid them in the future.

Visit the Accessibility Primer

For further reading, we have assembled a list of useful accessibility resources including Georgia Tech and University System of Georgia specific resources.  You can access this resource list at any time by returning to this website and selecting the Accessibility option from the gold main menu bar.

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