Exercise: Imagine You are Mobility Impaired

Let's imagine one more time.  You are the same freshman first-semester student, but you were born without the use of your arms.  You've learned to deal with the world and use your feet the way that many use their hands, but some actions like using a mouse or joystick are just too difficult, so you do everything on a computer using a keyboard.

Your instructor has asked everyone to participate in an online discussion forum to share thoughts about a recently assigned reading topic.  You log into the forum website, but then find that it won't let you tab to the buttons that have to be selected to navigate into your classes's forum - you press the tab key repeatedly but the button for your forum never receives the focus so that you could select it.  Your roommate helps you get into the forum and you start reading your classmates responses, but when you select the button to try to post your own, the text editor doesn't receive focus, and try as you might you can't tab into it, so once again you have to begrudgingly ask your roommate for help, all the while grumbling about why the help text on the page says to "Click here" when people like yourself who use keyboards are not going to be clicking anywhere, since you always have to tab to a button and press the enter key to select it.